Sekko Hamauzu, a Japanese calligrapher

Resident of Osaka Prefecture

Experience in calligraphy: from 1961–

Studied calligraphy under Harada Seison

Member of Nihon Shojukukai

Certified as an instructor at Nihon Shogeiin in 1972

3rd place at Japan-Portugal Friendship Art Exhibition (work owned by Japanese Embassy in Portugal)

managing director/juror of Nihon Shojukukai

private exhibitions


She has been active in the world of Japanese calligraphy, produced many art-works, sit on jury at some exhibition and been a member of an executive board. 


Examples of award-winning works: 

  • "Nonohana (Flowers of the field)" (Award of Minerva, 2005, EEA21)
  • "Inochi (Life; birth and death)" (Queens Gallery recommendation prize, 2005, Japan-Thai Art Exhibition for Education in Asia)
  • "Gi to Ai" (Award of Minerva, 2006)
  • "Yamato damashii" (Special Mention of Jury, International Art Exchange Exhibition Kobe 2007) [Header image of this Website]
  • "Taiyou (The Sun)" (Award of arts academy, WIAA, 2008).